Fitzsimons is devoted to minimising our impact on the environment.

Our pieces are created to be used and are designed to last. With the passing of time, we will ultimately judge our products against a single determining factor; Quality.

Fitzsimons works with only the very best materials available, in the most environmentally sensitive way.

We are committed the design of functional, beautiful products that tread lightly, and we only work with manufacturers who share in these values.

However, sustainability goes beyond the materials used, or the quality of the product. For any product to stand the test of time, it must bring about an emotional response. We have to fall in love with it, get attached to it, and allow it to enrich our lives. And only then can design truly be considered enduring.

We will continue to stay true to these principles, and strive to do everything that we can to grow sustainably.

We will continue to strive for beauty, simplicity and quality to create products for life.

Fitzsimons Environmental Policy