Fitzsimons is a New Zealand-based multidisciplinary design studio with a focus on creating original and beautiful products, furniture and lighting.

Our designs are built upon a philosophy of simplicity, timelessness and permanence.

We combine modern manufacturing technologies with traditional craftsmanship, to
create innovative and iconic pieces.

We are devoted to designing products that are environmentally and socially responsible.

We love what we do and we aspire to instil that passion into every piece we design. That is our mission.

Fitzsimons was founded by Scott Fitzsimons in 2014.

After graduating in 2003 with a BDes in Industrial Design, Scott Fitzsimons has
designed products for a number of manufacturers from New Zealand, the United
Kingdom, Europe, Asia and America.

Many of Scott’s designs have received some of the industries most prestigious
international design awards, including the Chicago Good Design Award, German
Design Council, Australian Good Design Award, and New Zealand Best Awards.

Fitzsimons Ethos


We create products that are iconic, pure,
and honest.

We believe in simple, meaningful and sincere design.

Our work is not based on fashion or trends, but rather, they are authentic and
enduring designs that will last for generations to come.

We are uncompromising in our pursuit of quality. We create products that are durable, functional and engaging by meticulously choosing the most beautiful and natural materials and working with only the very best manufacturers and craftspeople.

We create sophisticated thought-provoking designs, characterised by a restraint and visual reduction, with obsessive attention to detail. Nothing is left to chance.
Everything we do is considered. Every detail is exactly as it should be.


Fitzsimons is devoted to minimising our impact on the environment.

Our pieces are created to be used and are designed to last. With the passing of time, we will ultimately judge our products against a single determining factor; Quality.

Fitzsimons works with only the very best materials available, in the most environmentally sensitive way.

We are committed the design of functional, beautiful products that tread lightly, and we only work with manufacturers who share in these values.

However, sustainability goes beyond the materials used, or the quality of the product. For any product to stand the test of time, it must bring about an emotional response. We have to fall in love with it, get attached to it, and allow it to enrich our lives. And only then can design truly be considered enduring.

We will continue to stay true to these principles, and strive to do everything that we can to grow sustainably.

We will continue to strive for beauty, simplicity and quality to create products for life.

Fitzsimons Environmental Policy

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Photography by Matthew Wood